Hard Creek Peak


The second event in our mountain triathlon, this climb of Hard Creek Peak is a very scenic loop.

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The morning started off with John, Tamara, and I going for a brisk ride at Jug Ranch.

Then, with slightly tired legs, we planned for event #2, a hike. Tamara requested a trail. Hmmm. Lake? Peak? Scenery? It took me a moment, but I came up with something with everything.

We stopped for a quick cup of coffee (well, sort of quick) and were on our feet at about 1:30. On a trail.


The trail does a big arc across the top of the Hard Creek drainage without changing elevation too much. Then it's a steady pull up Hard Creek.


The work is rewarded by a gorgeous lake. Julie and I noted the contrast between today and those of a year ago.


The breeze made it a little chilly, so we bundled up while we enjoyed our lunch.

That's Hard Creek Peak in the background.


Okay, we've walked a trail and had scenery. Time for a climb to round out the day. Approach

The morning bike ride worked as planned, so Julie got to cruise while the rest of us labored a bit on tired legs. But the bushwacking was within tolerable limits, so everyone was enjoying the expanding views.


The peak has a big, big, flat, flat top.

That's Granite Mountain in the background.

Bottom of the gully


That's Bruin Mountain in the background.


We walked around the top to get the views of Patrick Butte, Sam's Throne and more. That's the Seven Devils in the background.

This photo is notable because you are looking right at the path of the Teepee Springs fire. At least here, the damage wasn't too bad. We were pleasantly surprised.

Bottom of the gully

The GPS showed that the truck was exactly a mile away if we took the shortcut. Hmmm... bushwack, anyone?


There was a little downfall, some alder, and a few ditches to navigate, but mostly just tall grass. Not bad at all. Well, I didn't think so, anyway...

Someone mentioned snow in the forecast. Is this our last hike of the season?

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