Green Mountain


Above Paddy Flat, Green Mountain gives great views of the southern Lick Creek range.

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Julie climbed this one a while back without me, and said it had a pretty good view. 'Nuff said.

We tried to drive back in here on April 21, but got stopped by a drift. We had a good hike anyway, and even saw a bear, but had simply parked too far away. I got stopped again today short of the road end, but was within striking distance. GPS said about 2 miles.

The woods looked a little intimidating, but I found mostly open forest cruising. The one issue was that I couldn't see, making this a good hike for using a GPS.

So after a couple creek crossings and putting on/removing snowshoes about 10 times, I was looking at the summit. Trailhead

And then standing on the summit.


And here's a few of the things you can see. To the northeast, Kennally Lakes. I've ridden my mountain bike up Kennally Creek to just below here.


To the northeast, the back side of Jughandle.


Blackmare Peak


The Needles




And off in the distance, Cascade Lake.

Say, that IS a good view!



You'll notice that I followed a different ridge down, then wandered a bit. Six one way, half a dozen the other.


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