Grassy Twin Ridge


A second visit to the north-south ridge above Grassy Twin Lakes.

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I had started this ridge with Julie a few weeks ago, but she wasn't feeling well so we didn't complete it. So now I was back solo with unfinished business.

I began by walking the trail up to Grassy Twin. The colors were less green than my last visit, but perhaps even prettier?

That's the meadows surrounding the Grassy Twin Lakes, which lie at the bottom of Grassy Twin Peak.


After the meadows, the trail gets rockier and climbs to the saddle to the west. Still a good trail, though.


At the saddle, you leave the real trail and follow a thin path, with occasional cairns, heading south along the ridge.

I bypassed Grassy Twin Peak, instead heading for Frog Mountain. Still following a trail.


As you drop down to the saddle above Frog Lake, the trail does a switchback that is hard to see. But look hard; there is still a trail.


The trail keeps going. I don't know how far it goes, but my curiosity made me follow it to another saddle to the south of Frog Mountain. But at that point, I doubled back and did a short, easy bushwhack (not a lot different than following the trail, really) to the summit. This summit is huge.


I had to walk off the top a bit to get this view of Grassy Twin Peak.

Hmmm... looks like a route right up the center.

Bottom of the gully

After considering my options, I went off the northwest ridge of Frog to the outlet of Frog Lake. Easy, open scrambling. Just stay right on the ridge top.


The route up Grassy Twin is steep, but goes really easily without any brush. Sweet!

When I got to the rocky top, I could look back at the northern end of the Serene Ridge peaks, Hard Butte, and Patrick Butte in the far distance.

Lots to look at, but the shadows were getting longer and there was still some exploration to do.


The north face of Grassy Twin did not look inviting, but on the map the east ridge showed some potential. Again, stay right on the top of the ridge. I enjoy boulder hopping, so this descent was just right.

Some easy bushwhacking at the bottom of the ridge led me across the outlet to the meadows, and I was on my way home.


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