Granite Lake Point


We sneak out late on a stormy afternoon to visit Granite Lake and its highpoint.

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It was a gorgeous afternoon, so I convinced Julie to go for a hike after work. Again. You'd think she would learn.

So to start with, we combined two of the things she likes the least: creek crossings and log walks. Oh, it doesn't look too far....


Then we wandered through some grassy areas, where Julie spotted a buck in velvet with a huge rack.

We also spied the summit through the trees here, although it's pretty hard to see. Note that this was our last glimpse of it until we were right on top.

We DID get outward views, though. Unfortunately, the light was not ideal for photos. Approach

When we finally got to the summit dome, we got to do a little scrambling. Or, rather, I chose to do some scrambling.


Near the top, we could finally see off to the east. The lighting was spectacular, even if my lousy photos don't show it.


Summit. Naturally, it started to rain. And I didn't have a rain jacket. Oh well, it was about 80°, so I didn't mind.

That's Granite Lake in the background, with Blacktip Mountain on the horizon.


On the way back, we looped around to follow the rocky areas. Much fun, and much less downfall. On the map below, shoot for the eastern side of the loop.



Note: This is a brushy, forested hike, with very short sight lines. Know your map skills, or carry a GPS.


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