Granite Mountain


Granite Mountain is a first peak for friends from California.

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My friends Ross and Mary were on a moto tour of the great northwest and stopped by for a visit. Ross is an old bike guy, something we share from slightly different perspectives.

So what do you do with visitors? You drag them up a peak.

Art wasn't feeling well, nor was Julie, so Carol and I did the host/hostess thing on the trail.


It was alittle muggy today, and a little buggy too. It felt good to pick up a breeze as we got higher.

Mary was entranced by the mini-versions of familiar wildflowers. Trailhead

Mary and Ross live near the coast, so they were really feeling the altitude. But sighting the lookout added some motivation.


Snow? In June?

They will always have fond memories of snow sports in Idaho.



We had a long lunch, enjoying the 360 degree views. Unfortunately, we couldn't go up on the lookout- as the ranger hiked by, she said it won't be open for another week.

Speaking of rangers- Julie thought their full moto garb made them look like Power Rangers. Trailhead

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