Goose Point


After Turkey Day, we visit Goose Point.

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We were looking for something that everyone would enjoy, and close to town. I had been thinking about this one for a while, but didn't know what the terrain would be like. Not really, anyway. But everyone was game and it seemed like within Otis' capabilities. And it was nice in McCall- upper 20s and sunny.

Our proposed parking spot was right at the turn-off for Goose Creek. As we had dropped down the canyon, the temp was dropping about as fast. When we got out of the car, it it had dropped into the low teens.

After walking up the road for a hundred feet, we found a deer trail heading up the hill through the thin snow. Game on.

The first couple hundred feet of gain were slippery; a thin layer of unconsolidated snow over bear grass and dead sticks.


But up ahead, we saw bare ground. And sunshine.

The toe of the ridge is quite steep, so you gain your first 5 or 600 feet in just a few hundred yards. The extra elevation also meant we were out of the inversion, and it got noticeably warmer.


Then the ridge mellows out. We were already ready for a good break. Puffys off.

Here, Susan takes a photo that will offer later opportunities to make fun of Tom. I'm in!


The nose of the ridge was pretty bare, but just around the corner there was snow. And on top, too. We found a pretty good road with snomo tracks.

We walked the road for a short ways, then turned right at some deer tracks to continue up the ridge a bit farther.


There was a clear summit.

Bottom of the gully

On the way up, I had heard a few grumbles about bushwacking. But when it came time to go back down, guess who wanted to try a different route?

Like on the way up, our descent route involved slippery snow over bear grass and debris from a timber operation. On a very steep hillside.


But it was mostly in the sun.


One hazard in dropping off the side of the ridge is the lay of the land below. As the road moves up the valley, it crosses Goose Creek. If you go too far up the valley, you end up on the wrong side with the creek between you and the road.

But Last Chance hot springs was on our side of the river, and there is a trail to it. Sure enough, we were too far upstream, but we found the trail. A short jaunt downstream along the trail brought us to the road, and a couple hundred more yards brought us to the car.


We finished the afternoon with some Moose Knots (say it fast) at the Blue Moose. Recommended. But unless you have Dylan along, get the Small.



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