Cloochman Point


We combine trail work with a hike up Cloochman Point.

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CIMBA (Central Idaho Mountain Bike Association) was having a Trail Day to work on the Bear Pete trail. So Art and I got there early to hike up Cloochman Point before the rest of the gang arrived.


It's a short climb from the trailhead. The biggest obstacle is dead fall. And it's not that bad.

Interestingly, it was warmer up here than in town.

When we got to the top, the sun had not yet come up. This is looking east. Approach

This is looking back down at the trailhead. That's Squaw Point in the background.

About here, the other cars started to arrive. No more pictures; we didn't want to be late.


Here's a look at one section of trail that we re-habbed. It had been two deep, parallel ruts pointing straight down the fall line (that's how they became ruts in the first place). We widened and filled the one, and put organic material to slow the water in the other. Then put in drains at intervals.


On the way back, we could see Cloochman Point across the gap. It's not big, but had nice views.

Then to finish the day, we went for a soak at Burgdorf Hot Springs.




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