Continuing the tradition of New Year's Eve on Cervidae.

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This climb has become a New Year's tradition. Here's reports from previous years (when I did a report, anyway):

With a clear sky and high pressure, Idaho gets pretty cold in the winter. This night was a lot like that.

Our group was pretty bundled up as we started out just a bit after Zach finally got there, his car aglow in Christmas lights (which, from a distance, look a bit like the light bar on a cop car!).

Steve was under doctor's orders to not exert himself, so we caught this photo of him just before he turned around. Headlamps in the background.


When we got to the top, my camera was not happy with the high-pressure temps. It was COLD.

But we were, as usual, a happy group of celebrants. The Boilo seemed to add to the occasion.

What a great year! Hoping for another in 2016.


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