Brundage skiing


A late-season dump at Brundage gets us out for a few turns.

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We had to bag our plans for the weekend when a March storm arrived in April. But then NOAA said something about 2-3 inches of fresh at Brundage. John texted that they were on their way up in the morning.

We met at Two Sisters, then headed for the parking lot. There were quite a few cars, and a conga line heading up.

We quickly grabbed our gear and got in line.

Julie had some worries about locking down her heels. But right off the bat, she noticed an improvement uphill. Approach
It didn't take long for us to get to the top. The sunshine was elusive, but the clouds were keeping the snow cold. Approach
Julie found that after a few tentative turns, it was working downhill, too.

Julie wasn't the only one locking down her heels.

John noticed I was smiling.

Julie made her way back to the car, but John, Tamara, and I made one more run.

This may be the end of the season.....

Sunrise on the Pioneers

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