2015 in Pictures


2015 started out cold and clear, with an almost-full moon.

For a textual presentation of the year, see the 2015 Page.

Bald Mountain Pine Mountain Jughandle
Graham Peak Death Valley Dickey Peak
Snowdon Rock Wind River Red Cone and North Twin
Peak 7828 Brundage skin-up Peak 7541
Pollock Mountain Big Black Dome Jumpoff Peak
Bear Peak Hawley Mountain Green Mountain
Slick Rock Peak 8270 Teardrop Peak
Brush Peak Doublespring Diamond Ridge
Granite Mountain Profile Gap peaks Serene Ridge
Maki Peak Lake Rock Mt. Stuart
Hum Lake trail work Sleeping Deer area Grassy Twin ridge
Hum ridge Granite Lake Point The Riddler
Celebration of Life (Canada) More Hum Ridge Flying Fish
Red Ridge Castle Peak Vics Peak
Sater Point Cloochman Point Hard Creek Peak
Picket Mountain Payette Point Goose Point
Jughandle Mountain Cervidae  

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