Yockwah Peak (Peak 8213)


Yockwah Peak sits right above Box Lake.

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Last weekend, we hiked to the overlook of Box Lake in a lot of snow. LOJ (List of John) shows three peaks surrounding Box Lake, and I had done two of them already. So Art, Sam, and I headed up to see what we could see of the peak that sits at the top of Yockwah Creek (Yockwah feeds into Twah Creek, which spills into the North Fork of the Payette right by North Beach).

Note: Art relays a local story that the name Yockwah was totally contrived. If you have info otherwise, let me know.

After an unusually warm week of sunshine, most of the snow was gone. We followed the Box Lake trail for quite a way, then decided to head up into this basin, trying to gain the ridge.


Most of the way we were walking on bare ground. On top of the ridge there was some snow remaining, but it was pretty crusty and somewhat supportive.

The dark, sharp peak to the right of center is Peak 8270.


From the ridge, there is our peak on the other side of the saddle.

We dropped down to the saddle to get the view below. Here you can see Box Lake with Yockwah on the left, and Beaverdam and Point 8302 on the right.

A quick traverse of the broad, flat ridge brought us to the pointy top of Yockwah. Camp


Wonderful views! Below is the panorama looking southerly toward McCall and a shimmering Payette Lake, with Brundage Mountain sort of in the center. Cascade Lake, in the distance, is swathed in fog.



Here's looking westerly with Slab Butte on the left and Seven Devils in the background. Lookout Mountain
This is looking back into the heart of the Lick Creek range, with Point 8302 in the foreground and farther back, Sawtooth Peak and Snowslide (directly above Art's head). Lookout Mountain


Lookout Mountain

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