Tsum Peak


Tsum Peak is worth the extra tries.

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This picture was from last weekend. And I have an almost identical photo shot the year previous. Who wouldn't want to climb that thing?

That thing is Tsum Peak.

Miners Peak close-up

I couldn't find a partner for today. Bike rides. Work. Significant others. People need to work on their priorities.

So it was solo. Last week we started to climb above the valley way too early, mostly due to a GPS issue that you probably don't want to hear about. This time I followed my nose (and the map) to the meadow just below Thirtythree Pass. And then UP. I wonder what THAT will be like?

It's not an entirely encouraging view. Could be some scrambling. Maybe some backtracking around cliffs. Hope I don't have to yo-yo too much. South Fork of the Salmon River


Here's a shot of the ascent route, taken later in the day with better lighting.

Miners Peak
At first, it's simply a brushy and steep hike. Then the ramps start... ramping up. South Fork of the Salmon River
As you get nearer the summit, the blocks get steeper and bigger. I was having a blast, but starting to wonder if I would be able to tag the actual summit. South Fork of the Salmon River
But then it actually got easier. But I've done enough peaks to know it's not over until you are on top. South Fork of the Salmon River


On top. Actually, a really nice, comfy summit with lots of room. No extreme bouldering necessary.

If you had really sharp eyes, you might be able to see my truck down there on Lick Creek Road.

Ponderosa forest
It's sort of a steep drop down to Tsum Lake. Snowshoes
Looking north. That high point on the ridge just left of center is Cly Peak. Snowshoes

I was having such a good time I thought I might drop down to Lake Thirtythree. This is looking back at the summit as I headed south.


It might be possible to get down to the lake, but this view left me with greatly diminished ambitions.

Instead, I followed the ridge south to Thirtythree Pass, and then walked the trail back to my truck.

Ponderosa forest


Note: The Thirtythree trail is buried in brush and braided, with cairns all over the place, often NOT where the real trail is. I relied heavily on my GPS to reverse my trail in.

Ponderosa forest

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