Squaw Point


An afternoon hike yields an exploration on Squaw Point.

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Last weekend, I didn't get out. I got stuck in the Midwest thanks to some idiot trying to immolate himself at the FAA flight control center.

So today, I was in need of some soul cleansing. We rolled out a little after 2 and were on our feet at 3. This is the trail to Josephine Lake, which I hiked about a month ago with my Dad.

Sharp eyes will notice the ridge line on the right horizon- that's where I wanted to go, but wasn't going to tell Julie. Not yet, anyway.

Miners Peak close-up

It was a gorgeous, cool Fall day. About 45° at the truck. Clouds rolling through, leaving big cloud shadows in their wake.


It doesn't take long to reach Josephine Lake. It's under a mile, and just 300' of gain.

Although the Fall colors from aspen in McCall have been muted, the hillside brush here was putting on a show.

A quick log-hop across the outlet brings you to the toe of our target ridge. South Fork of the Salmon River

The ridge down low was easier than I expected, so we made really good time. Despite the awesome views.

Note: That emerald green is for real. I did NOT touch up this photo.

Miners Peak


At this point, we could try to force the ridge, or simply run for the saddle. Julie started a debate that I didn't want to finish, so we went for the saddle.

Miners Peak

From the saddle we got a surprise: snow!

Ponderosa forest

A quick scramble up the ridge brought a view of this giant cairn. My theory is this was built by the same person who had been on Sam's Throne.


South Fork of the Salmon River

The GPS was saying that the other end of the ridge was the highpoint. However, it was also telling us that both ends were at the same elevation. We're going with the cairn (the pile of rocks on the right side of the photo).

South Fork of the Salmon River

There's lake #5 for this hike, not counting Upper Payette Lake and Payette Lake in the background. Yes, you can see McCall from here.

South Fork of the Salmon River

Traditional summit shot, with Josephine in the near background. If you continue out the ridge inthe foreground, you'll arrive at Bear Pete in a couple miles.

That's Lava Ridge in the farther background with Lava Butte, Sam's Throne, and Hershey Point.

And behind that, Patrick Butte.

We measured the other end of the ridge, which looked to be about the same height. We also measured the low position of the sun in the sky and decided it was time to head down.

Ponderosa forest

We chose to descend a slightly different way. We came down the gully right behind the lower lake. Julie was sceptical right up to the point where we hit terra firma at the lake side. No faith....


Map of our hike.

There is a trail (an actual trail, Julie) that gets close to the summit from the other side, which we clearly need to visit. At that time, we'll also need to visit the other end of the ridge. Who's in?


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