Lost Art Peak (Peak 8662)


Maybe our last time this fall getting high without skis in the McCall mountains.

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It sort of looks like this might be the last weekend to get high around McCall. I've said that before in previous years and been wrong, but you never know. And Jeff sort of agreed. So we chose to get high one last time.

We rolled from my house a little after 7:30 and were alone in the Duck Lake TH parking lot at 9am.


Jeff was moving well and I was struggling to keep up. We hit Duck Lake in less than 25 minutes, and not much later hit snow at 7200'.


When we got to the summit, we were standing in 4"+ of wet snow.

That's North and South Loon in the distance.


An there's our goal for today: Lost Art.

From the saddle, we intended to head north along the ridge. But the ridge wasn't totally on board with that plan, so we had to do a fair amount of up and down as we headed north. In dry conditions, this is probably easy peasy. But not when every step was a 7-11 Slurpee.

We had also discussed the peak behind it on the other side of the drainage, peeking out in the right-hand saddle. That's a 'no go' today.

Some of the route was nice ledges, some scrambling over hidden slabs and way-slick bear grass. Start

We eventually got there. But it wasn't getting easier. The perspective is skewed here because we didn't go downhill much. although the weird perspective makes it look like we did. But you can see that we did give up on the original plan of climbing the left side, trading for about a 40' section of snowy and icy Class 4 to gain the bottom of the gully on the right.


The gully was steep and every hand hold was wet.


The summit was small, slick, and quite close to a huge drop to the north. One at a time, please.

The view north (below) was wonderful. Loon Creek on the right, Twentymile Creek on the left. Loons on the right, Storm Peak and environs in the middle, Pearl Peak on the left. Note the small tarn, and there is a bigger lake right under the face. I wasn't too interested in leaning out on that sloppy snow to get a picture of it.

Rain Peak on the left, Paintbrush Peak on the right, with Twentymile Creek Meadows at the bottom. Lookout Mountain

We opted to descend the west face, which was only slightly better. But there was no Class 4. When we got back to the saddle, we had a leisurely lunch, then plodded with full bellies back to the trail.

Then it was back down to Duck Lake (below, with Burnside Peak in the background), where we finally got the sunny skies promised by NOAA. But we could smell the rain coming this evening....

Time to wax the skis....

Lookout Mountain


Lookout Mountain


Note the small loop on the peak itself. Otherwise, we followed our own tracks for an out-and-back.

Lookout Mountain

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