Payette Point Repeat


Two trips up Payette Point in the same weekend.

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Julie and I did a version of this trip last fall in the dry, following a slightly different route.

This trip report is a combination of two trips in two days on the same outing. The first day was Michael and I after our time got cut too short for a different outing we had planned. The second day was a planned trip with Steve.

Michael and I were going to go up the 'summer route" but the road wasn't plowed. So we drove around Little Lake hoping there would be a closer parking spot. We pulled in to this spot....

Pull out

...and to our surprise, found a beat-in snowshoe trail heading up the hillside. Well then- good enough!

Michael and I followed the trail most of the way to our destination, then broke trail the remaining 500' of gain.

Start up the hillside

So the next morning we had both a complete trail and a GPS track to follow when Steve, Art, and my Dad took off in the early-morning cold. The initial trail wanders a bit as it climbs a forested slope. We crossed the road and continued up with more of the same.

His Artness

As you near the Point, it starts to get rocky with some big blocks and more technical terrain. About there, you're only about 200 feet below the summit. Dad hadn't been on a snowshoe outing for some time, so he turned around less than 200' from the top.

The route wraps around the big summit block to the east, then climbs a very steep snow chute. Here we are with about 100' to go in the snow chute.

The chute

A little higher.


Almost there.

The chute

And Steve made the big ledge. Great view and awesome weather.


From the big ledge, it's about 30 feet of easy Class 4 to the summit. Vegetative handholds encouraged.

Veggie holds


That's frozen Payette Lake in the background with Brundage off to the right.

The pano below is looking south-southwest with Little Payette Lake in the center.

Payette Point Panorama
Michael was enjoying the sunshine on the downclimb.
It's steep, but not bad footing. Rockin'

Then we got to snowshoe down what had taken some major kick-stepping to get up.

We stepped, skidded, and slid down the chute to get to the lower trail. Art booted it.

Slidin' the chute
After a while, we caught up with Dad. Us young'uns all agreed that it's a great goal to think that, like Dad, we might be doing this in our 80s. Dad

Here's our GPS track.


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