2014 is starting with the same low snow as 2013. January was mostly sunny and cold, but very little precip. The second week of February started coming down and the south roof slid for the first time on February 12. We got a ton of snow in February, then an early March warm-up with tons of rain. A wet August was followd by a perfect September, without the normal smoke.

For a graphic presentation of the year, see the 2014 Peak Pics Page.

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Elizabeth Peak January 4 Chris, Cody, and Ralph
Payette Point

January 17, 18

Michael, Art, Steve, Dad

Picnic Point Janiuary 26 Art
Jughandle February 9 John, Brian
White Rock Peak March 8 Mark & Tory, Deb, Julie, and John F.
Newman Peak March 16 Super Dave, John
Rapid River March 22 Julie, Deb, Art & Carol
Hazard Creek Falls April 11 Julie and Carol
Miners Peak April 19 Julie, John & Tamara, Big Dan
Sonoma Peaks April 26 SuperDave, Michael
Buttercup Mtn April 27 John, SuperDave
Snowslide Peak May 24 Julie
Jughandle May 26 Julie
Pilot Peak, NV May 31 Michael
Sunset Peak June 28 Tom, Andrew
No Regret Peak June 29 Tom, Andrew
Cly Lakes July 5 July, Marilyn, Patti & George, Art & Carol
South Loon and North Loon July 20 Michael
Paintbrush July 27 Julie

Chacaltaya, Tarija, Pequeno Alpamayo, Huayna Potosi, Parinacota

August 2-16 Michael, Tom, and Jason & Mariel
Josephine Lake August 29 Dad
Burnside Peak August 30 Tom, Andrew, Art & Carol & Tegan
Parks Peak August 31 Jeff & Sandy
Cly Peak September 1 Jeff, Julie
Tsum Peak September 6 me
Slab Butte September 7 Julie, Tom & Susan, Jeff
Kraft Mountain, NV September 11 Stefan
Two-Point Mountain September 13 John
Seven Devils September 14 Dave, Michael, Julie, Sean & Jammie
Boulder-Louie Loop hike September 19 Julie
Lava Butte and Sam's Throne September 21 Julie
Squaw Point October 1 Julie
Lookout Mountain October 4 Idaho Summits group
Bruin Peak October 5 Julie
Slick Rock October 11 Andrew, Brian
Hidden and Hard Creek lakes October 12 Brian, Julie
WCP-1, WCP-3 October 19 John
Lost Art Peak October 25 Jeff
Pearl and Black Pearl October 31 Tom, Art, and John
Box Lake November 2 Julie, Jeff, & Sandy
Yockwah Peak (Pk 8213) November 8 Art
Buckhorn tour November 30 John and Tamara

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