Steamboat Mountain


Steamboat Mountain is a 2k prominence peak that no one has ever heard of.

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Michael predicted he would arrive at 7am and we would be walking at 8:30. Spot on!

We drove out Warren Wagon Road bast Burgdorf and Secesh Meadows, then over Steamboat Summit. At Stratton Creek, the trailhead is not marked, but the snow made the trail obvious.

After about 200 yards, we found an intersection, and a trail that was not marked on the map. We crossed the creek and headed uphill. The GPS, smarter than all of us, showed we were on the correct route.

Trail head

The first part of the trail had been cut out through the burn, with cairns in the non-obvious parts. One advantage of Idaho's many burns is that without the trees, you can see the objective.

Looking at the summit

When we reached a flat area under a large rocky point, the clearing of the trail ended. We still found trail here and there, and it might be more obvious without snow. But it was pretty obvious where we needed to go.

Art and Michael were naming peaks.

Ridge discussion

The ridge has a slight saddle in it with about a one hundred foot drop.

That's pretty much our summit.

Saddle in ridge

Through the upper part of our route, the trail was even less obvious. But no worries, you can see where you need to go.

Looking down the ridge

The top of the mountain once housed a lookout, marked by large concrete anchors We were being hammered by the wind, so understood the meaning of those anchors right away.

And before the trees grew up, this lookout had a great view. We could see Loon Lake and all the surrounding peaks.


At the side of the summit plateau, there was a little pile of rocks that was obviously taller than everything else. We're standing on it here.

John in the scree

From just below the summit, below the previously mentioned trees, you get a great view of the mountains south of Loon Lake. And the lake.


You can also see most of our route up.

This was a fun, easy hike with fabulous views, despite the impending storm. Sure enough, it started to snow lightly when we were 5 minutes from the car. And then started dumping hard before we got back to town.


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