Rapid River


Just outside Riggins, Rapid River is a popular escape from spring snow for McCall residents.

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With this unseasonably nice weather we've been having, Dad wanted to go for a hike. Because Friday was his and Julie's birthdays, I had to give in. Dad turned 83 and Julie celebrated her 29th (again).

The obvious choice was Rapid River, down by Riggins. It's right around 40 miles from my house, but 3000' lower. So spring gets there early, or at least early compared to McCall.

So after a little less than an hour, we were on our feet heading upstream. Pretty quiet for a Sunday, but after all- it was Easter.


It's a little more than a mile to 'First Bridge.' We had originally planned on round-tripping Second Bridge, about a 9-mile hike.

Although we didn't leave the car until after 11, it was still shady (and chilly) in the bottom of the canyon.

So far, so good. What the pictures don't show is the number of up-and-down this trail does, nor do the pictures show some of the drop-offs. Exciting!

Punchy snow
Although the trail wanders up and down the hillside a lot, it also cruises at or near stream level. Very pretty. The roar of the river (thus the name, get it?) is fun, even if it does interfere with conversation. Booting

It took us about 2 hours to arrive at Second Bridge. Dad immediately suggested that we carry on to the trail intersection, which is only a little farther up river, and only a little farther uphill. Everyone was cool with that, so off we went for some bonus mileage.

Up the ridge

Right after Second Bridge, the canyon constricts and gets very rugged. Pretty. Worth the effort of the climb.

Shortly after that, the trail splits with one branch following each arm of the now split river. One branch continues in a southerly direction, the other starts climbing toward the Seven Devils.

We had gone far enough for today, so sat and had a leisurely lunch among the ladybugs, then packed up and headed back down

Dry hillside
I took advantage of the improved lighting. This is on Second Bridge, on our return.
South Fork
And although you are going DOWN stream, the trail does not always go DOWN with it. Although the trail only gains around 1000', the round-trip hiker climbs about 16-1700'. Lookout
Moss. Reminded me of the Oregon coast.

When we got back to First Bridge, the shade was again taking over the canyon. The shade was welcome because the car said it was 74°. That's too hot for March!



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