The Linebacker


We find a page in the Lopez guide and go for a peak in a new area. Peak 10620 is an adventure!

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Because this peak name isn't spilling off everyone's lips, let me first orient you a bit. First, the name comes from Rick Baugher.

This is our peak, the great big long ridge behind the telephone pole. This photo was shot looking sort of east/southeast from the highway intersection just south of Challis. After our climb.

Our route ascended the steep left end of the ridge, then traversed the ridgetop left to right.

Trail start

To further confuse things, this is Michael at our 'trail head' again after the climb, showing the stiff initial gain.

Elevation approximately 7800'.

This spot is accessed via the Lime Creek road. It's a 6 or 7 mile-long 4WD approach. There were some very steep areas and a couple deep mud holes that would stop most 2WD rigs. But not Michael.

Trail start

So here we are at the beginning, finally. Or sort of.

We left camp at about 8am, and started slowly plodding through the woods. It's very steep, there was no warm-up, and yesterday we climbed Lone Pine Peak.

This picture is after about 1500' of climbing.

East Fork road
Above treeline you are treated to some very steep scree. We alternated between the inconsistent snow (sometimes crusty, sometimes sugar, and sometimes virtually impenetrable) and the slidy talus. Somewhere about here we switched to snowshoes. The high point in the picture, about 300' above us, is at about 10k. Snow and rock
When we gained the 10k point, we were finally in the sun. Notable because there was a slight breeze blowing and it was chilly. When we topped the point, we saw what we expected: ridge. Snow and rock
Followed by more ridge. Snow and rock

And then some more ridge.

At least here we could see the summit.

Snow and rock

The Lopez guidebook mentioned a short section of narrow, Class 3 climbing. When we got a glimpse of this, we both had a little conversation in our heads that began something like "Oh, crap."

Actually, it was not a big deal, and kind of fun. Especially since it seemed to validate this as a climb and not simply a really tiring snowshoe outing.

So we dropped the snowshoes, and after crossing the narrows, booted the remaining distance to the summit.

Snow and rock


There were lots and lots of peaks, all slightly confusing because of the new vantage point. But we were able to name many favorites or future projects. Then it was time to head down- it was too cold here for the crackers and cheese.

Scrambling with a view

This time of year, the low light brings on a very different feel. Note the extremely long shadows. At noon.

Rainbow Ridge
Here's a look back at the narrow ridge section. Mostly not so narrow, but we did have to use our hands a bit. Ridgetop

Map of our route. Note the long ridge.

This was a great intro to the northern end of the Pahsimeroi. Can't wait to explore this area some more.


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