Payette Point


A local explore takes us up Payette Point.

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This rock tower intrigued me. You can see it really well sticking out of the trees as you start to drive around Little Payette Lake. It has no local name that I know of, thus the assignment I gave it.

This view is from the landing farther up the road from where we turned off. I took it the previous weekend on our first try to find the thing. Because the hillside is heavily wooded, you can't easily see the rock as you hike until you are right there.

The rock

The hike starts on a really nice road that is gated and allegedly closed to motor vehicles. Don't pay any attention to the many tire tracks on the road....

As the road climbs, you start to get some views off toward Little Lake.

On the road

Although the recommended route swings south as you near the rock, we didn't know that at this point. So we were just heading straight up. That brings you under this rock, which isn't the top.

Big rock
This photo has a person in it for perspective. Big rock

After a quick survey of the west side of the rock, it seemed like the north might provide the easier access. Here Julie hikes up a ramp on the shoulder.


Saddle in ridge

The route on the north side is soft Class 4. It was too much for Julie and a little tricky for me because I was in brand new boots, new enough that the rubber hadn't been roughed up yet.

But there is plenty of stuff to work with, and that's almost the top.

Looking down the ridge

I downclimbed carefully, then we decided to loop the rest of the way around the rock.

As we looped around the shady, uphill side of the rock, we found cool stuff.

Then we found a promising gully.

Starting the gully

From the top of the gully, we found this third-class route to the top.

Summit route


Note the low light from the soon-to-be-setting sun. Better hustle.

But it was hard to leave views like the one below.

Payette panorama
Here's a map of our outing. Summit

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