Lone Pine Peak


Lone Pine is big and obvious, but seldom visited.

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Lone Pine Peak sits in what Rick Baugher calls the "Shadow Range." It's dry uplands above and south of Challis, and as this photo from Challis shows, quite visible.

This area is seldom visited, despite pretty easy access. The road in from Spar Canyon is rough, but easy 4WD. Probably possible in a Subaru.

And ignoring the cows in the photo on the right (although there was lots of evidence of our bovine friends), the pano below shows the view from the trail head. The area we hiked seemed pretty wild. We saw wild horses and lot of sign of other critters.

Trail start
East Fork road

ATVs have made their own road farther up the hillside, all the way to the ridge top. But we elected to park the rig at a flat area and get onto our feet.

East Fork road
Not far from the end of the ATV "trail", we spotted this peak, the high point on the ridge between our car and Lone Pine proper. It has just enough prominence to qualify... Snow and rock

From Peak 9391 (South Peak Lone Pine), this is the view of Lone Pine, looking more or less north.

Rainbow Ridge
We were enjoying the sun, so hung out for a bit. Then I spotted an elk. Scrambling with a view

It looked like we could wade through a bit of snow and get back to bare ground by following said elk tracks. Well, that didn't work out so well. Right about here we were both regretting that decision to go light and skip the gaiters. Well, the light part worked out, anyway.

Rainbow Arch

This is my impression of Michael.

The hillside was quite slippery and there were even more slippery objects hidden in the sugary snow. This one, whatever it was, apparently got the better of him.

Sorry, Michael, I couldn't resist.

And this is my impression of kitty cats. Signs
After our wallowing session, we got back onto walkable terrain and started for the summit. Signs
Cool rock formations. Signs
Looking back at our route. Signs
And then the summit. This is one of those tricky ridges where you can't tell which of three different points is the highest. We decided it was the most northerly (and indeed, we found a benchmark), but tagged each just to be sure. Signs

After thinking about the wallowing, we decided to try to outflank the snow. But we didn't bother looking at the map. So we were pretty committed (or should have been) when the shortcut turned into a gnarly brush-choked talus gully. Aw, adventure.

But it was all good.

When we finally re-gained the car with minimal climbing, we pulled out the Lopez guide to find a suitable target for the next day.


We ended up choosing Peak 10620 in the Pahsimeroi. One consideration was that we got to complete the drive over Spar Canyon. Then turn left, heading toward Challis, then turn right up Lime Creek road. All told, this was about a 20 mile drive between peaks. Sweet!

So from near our campsite, this is looking back at Lone Pine.




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