An afternoon hike in McCall.

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It had been a busy weekend. On Thursday I had driven to Boise with Art so that we could join the search for Dr. Jo at Craters for Friday and Saturday. After lava-hopping for a couple of days, I was tired and my feet hurt.

But it was soooo gorgeous out. So Julie and I headed off at about 1:30 to try Bruin Peak. As we neared Fisher Creek Saddle, the road turned into two ruts in deep, wet snow. It was going fine, but even in 4WD I was nervous. No chains. And Julie trying to help by telling me how she got stuck last week and had to chain up. Lets see if we can't turn around here.

There's an old road marked on the map... let's try walking that.

Trail start

As we started mushing through the wet snow, I spotted this cool looking peaklet. Screech to a halt. Turn. Proceed.

Ladybug Mtn
We stuck to the southern exposure, but there was still quite a bit of snow. And even more rocks and deadfall. Julie didn't like the looks of it, but I promised we'd turn around if it got too awful. Snow and rock
We took our time and picked our way through. It really wasn't bad. Then the views opened up. Spectacular! Scrambling with a view

As we neared the summit ridge, lots of options appeared. It just depended on how much rock climbing you wanted to do and how much exposure you were willing to tolerate.

To the right was really steep. To the left was an easy, treed ridge. And in the middle was just right.

Into the shade
Julie had to work a bit to match my long reach, but was soon on the summit ridge with new views of Hidden Lake and the very snowy Wallowas. Ridgetop
And then we were near the top. Ridgetop views
And climbing past hordes of ladybugs. Thus the name, as insisted on by Julie (don't argue with the boss). ladybugs

Summit shot.

We actually took about six of these, and each one looked goofier; thus the laughing. Sorry about the shadow.... it was the best we could do under the circumstances.


The climb might have been just right on the way up, but it was a bit scarier when you were looking down.

But she did great and we were soon back to slogging.

With footprints to follow, the descent went really quickly. And that's a good thing, because it was almost 5:30. Setting sun

Map showing the approximate route.

If you click for the bigger version, you'll see Bruin Peak for some reference to this location.

Route map

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