Jughandle Mountain


A summit, awesome powder, and tanning all in the same day on Jughandle.

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It took some work, but we finally got the day organized. We were on our feet at about 9am, already above the inversion layer. It had been in the 40s in McCall yesterday, so we were sceptical about the possible snow conditions- note the lack of snow in the trees.


Early skin track

But we were still up for a tour. After about two hours, we finally got a really good view of the slopes. And the snow seemed to be holding up.


The face
But this was a target-rich environment. So instead of jumping into laps immediately, we headed for the summt to satisfy our peakbagging instinct. Too bad the weather wasn't better. Good views

It was about 2.5 hours to the ridgetop, but then another hour had passed by.... and we were still climbing.

Getting closer
And finally, the summit.
As I said before, target rich. We made two laps in mostly really nice powder. One of those runs left me breatless yet giggling. Despite a sun crust forming in places, it was way good.

After ripping the pow below the summit, leaving our mark.

Then we powered back up to Ladybug, where we sat in the sun without gloves, hats, or coats and had another lesiurely lunch. It was that warm.

We were fairly spent when we got back to the rig.

John's trip report


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