Golden Lake


A late May or early June tradition, this year Golden Lake goes in early May.

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Dad and I have hiked up to Golden Lake together many times. We have a tradition of doing this one around Memorial Day or June 1. At that date in most years, you can just barely make it through the snow to the trailhead. Some years we've had to hike the last mile or so to get there. This year it was no problem on May 12!

Previous versions:



NOAA predicted sun, but the morning was actually overcast, but warm. And the water was raging. Even in the creek.

Later in the summer, this is more like a dribble. Kicking
For the more technically minded, here's a view of Slick Rock. Slick Rock
We call this the meadows, because during the summer it's sort of a meadow. And a notable flat spot meaning there is only 300 more feet of elevation to climb. Meadows
Right after the meadow, there is a steep headwall to climb. Back in the 40s and 50s, Dad spent lots of time in crampons, so waltzed right up it in good form.
Crampon technique

By the time we got to the lake, the sun was out. So we found the one dry rock and had a relaxing lunch.

If you look closely at the big version, you will see that some dorks illegally rode snow machines up here.

Golden Lake

With old knees, sometimes the descent is harder than the climb. Dad points out that the climb is 1900 feet, and we saw about that many ticks.


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