Seven Devils


We head back to the Devils for prominence and adventure.

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I did this climb with Art back in 2001. You start at the Seven Devil's campground and head up the valley until it dead-ends. Then you traverse up a tilted bench, then hike up some steeper terrain to gain the ridge.

This morning, we spotted an old goat just above the trail.


Here we are just below the ridge.


Once you are on the ridge, you traverse across the hillside above Mirror Lake, then pass through a saddle. Then a thin trail trends downhill across the hillside until you can finally see He Devil.

Loon Lake

A little farther on, you get views of He and She, plus Sheep Lake. Very pretty.

We got down to Sheep Lake in about an hour from the car.


Then you follow the trail up away from Sheep Lake, and then leave the trail heading southwest across talus to gain the west ridge of He Devil. More lakes come into view.

Loon Creek
You work your way up the ridge. Back in 2001 there wasn't much sign of man. Now there is an intermittent trail and a cairn every five feet (or so it would seem).
Peak 8808

It never gets hard, but probably is Class 3 near the top.

With a non-favorable weather prediction, we were very pleased with how the day was looking.

Dan had already done She Devil and Mt. Baal, so elected to return the way we came.

Storm Peak

John and I instead dropped off the east side in search of the descent route that Art and I had used in 2001. This 12-year intermision pretty much stressed my old-man memory, but we found the route and were soon on our way down. This route is not more than Class 3. The real hazard is loose rock.

Beta: Drop off the east side of He on easy terrain and follow a bench around northerly toward the east ridge (John Fadgen photo).

The descent route

When you get to the slight saddle in that ridge, look down the loose gully.

The descent route

After just a few feet, there is solid rock to scramble. Well, some solid rock.

Victor Lake
If you want to find our gully from the bottom, I've marked it with an arrow. Just remember that it ends in that saddle and you are supposed to start in a cliffy alcove. Buck
Then it was across the hillside and head for the bottom of She. We were shooting for the semi-continuous scree fields. Again we found cairns.
This route follows scree most of the way, but then the scree runs out and it gets quite steep near the top. But there are nice ledges running back and forth across the face so it is never hard. Class 3+ or easy 4 for thirty or forty feet. Buck
From the top of the short wall, it's s brief run to the summit. Buck

Again, awesome views.

There are arguments about which is higher: He or She. My altimeter, which rounds to the nearest 10 feet and is affected by pressure (and weather), showed She as 10 feet taller. But my GPS, which doesn't suffer these problems, showed He as 4 feet taller. I'm voting for He.


Then we scooted off She and headed for Mt. Baal.

Looking at it, I guessed that Baal was 175' of gain from the saddle, but John's altimeter showed it as 180. This 'peak' is in the Lopez guide and it had a summit register, so we're calling it a summit.

Knowing Dan was waiting for us, we ended our day here instead of continuing to Tower of Babel, where we could see a couple people on the summit.


Then came the dreaded gully between She Devil and Mt. Baal. If anything, it was worse than I remembered. Perhaps Dan made the right call?

In addition to climbing down the gully in 2001 with Art, I had also climbed UP the gully in 2002. It is truly heinous. I think maybe this should be my last trip in the gully of any direction?


After we met Dan at the lake, we all trudged back up the 600' climb of the goat trail and then were gingerly (sore feet) picking our way down the last descent when we ran into another old goat, the Wild Chef.

This was a great day, but I was tired. When I got home and reviewed the climb profile, I realized that we had climbed almost 4500'. That explained a lot!

Dan's trip report

John's trip report


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