Crystal Lake


A weekday hike in McCall.

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Dad is training for a climb later this summer. That's excuse enough to head out in the afternoon. After all, this is only 40 minutes from the house. Nice trail. A little shade. And only a normal number of voracious mosquitoes.

Trail start

After a stiff climb, the trail mellows as it enters the old 1994 burn. We're headed for a climber's trail that leads through a notch in the ridge on the left.




The 1994 burn

But not before we tromp through a bit of snow (@ 7000'), cross the creek twice, and slog around a marsh.

Snow @ 7000'
The view from the saddle is pretty good. The cool-looking rocks behind Dad are unnamed. Dad

After the notch, you have to drop about 200 feet, but the lake is right over there. The high point in this picture got cropped off in the panorama that appears below.

Crystal Lake is a trophy fish lake, but after I went skinny dipping today, it might be a Superfund site. And yes, that is snow on the far left bank.


Crystal Lake panorama

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