Boulder Mountain


We snowshoe Twin Lakes Ridge partway up Boulder Mountain

Note: click images to see a larger version in a new window


We got a lazy start, leaving the house at the crack of 11. Brian was in charge of dinner, so we had to be back in time to allow him adequate prep time. It was pretty casual, so I did not take a lot of pictures.

So with a turnaround of 2PM, we were off. The road starts off in the trees, but after some tiime the views start popping. Here's Jughandle. (Ralph: you can see the chute).


Early skin track

And here's Nick Peak. Michael and I did this one last summer.

Below, you can see a panorama shot looking NW over Payette Lake.

The face
Good views

It was pretty nice and the road looks like it would make an awesome ski tour.

Getting closer

Here's a map of the entire route. We stopped at the little red dot (click for a bigger version).

Getting closer

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