Snowslide Peak


Early snow makes Snowslide an extra challenge.

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NOAA was changing their position more times than Mitt Romney, so what was supposed to be a sunny day was turning out cloudy and it seemed like precip.

And then, on our way up Lick Creek Road there was way more snow than I expected, so after dragging the bottom of the car in the snow for a few miles we went to Plan B. Here we are at the trail head for Snowslide Lake. And interestingly, so was a car with Wyoming plates. Go figure.


After avoiding the cold water as we rock-hopped Lake Fork Creek, we waddled through the snow and then as we got higher, found dry ground. That's different.

Dry trail
We made it to the lake without snowshoes. Note the thin skim of ice on the water. It's not winter yet, but winter is not far off. Snowslide Lake

We waded and rock-hopped across the outlet and then donned the snowshoes and worked our way up to the saddle to the southwest. From there, we ran the ridge for a while, then had to remove the snowshoes to work our way across a boulder field and up some steep terrain.

The upper ridge was a bit more forgiving and we were again on the snowshoes. As we gained elevation, the views were expanding. John and Tamara
That's Snowslide Lake and Sawtooth Peak. Snowslide Lake and Sawtooth Peak

Once again, the snowshoes came off. But this is the final 50' to the summit.

You can see Slick Rock on the far left, and Cascade Reservoir in the background.

Final scramble

Summit. This one is kinda small and there's a huge drop off just ten feet away.

We made good time on the descent. As we got lower, the skies spit on us for a few minutes, then it got quite warm. The late-fall feel was really strong as we worked our way through the valley bottom and finally to the car to run the ruts back down Lick Creek Road.

All and all, a very fine day for November.


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