Peak 10027


Second try for me, a big success for the IdahoSummits 2012 Spring outing.

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Note: For me this was a "re-do" because I had come very close to the summit in March, but had turned around.

Zach, Bob, and I left Boise at 3:30am for the Decker Flats campsite where our compatriots were camped in the normal Stanley valley deep freeze. After introductions and some gear fumbling, we were off for Alturas Lake.

Along the way, we got to see many, many pronghorns. And hey- there's our objective for the day! Peak 10027
After a few more introductions and some group photo ops, we finally were on our feet at about 8am, walking in bright sunshine up the Cabin Creek trail. Steve set a brisk initial pace, then the group started splintering as the trail became harder to follow.

We regrouped and by about an hour from the car, we had gained enough altitude to be walking on mostly snow. Firm snow, so we were mostly walking. Somewhere in here, Nathan changed shoes and slapped on his skis.

The group

When we got to the upper basin, the group split. The largest contingent headed for the saddle at the base of the north ridge.

Heading for the saddle

There is a steep little headwall below the saddle. For some of the newer climbers, we held a brief discussion on snow climbing technique, ice axe use, and crampons. Then we all got on up to the saddle. Some more gear changing was in order, so our group got a little spread out. And there were lots of views, further contributing to a lack of urgency. Too bad the weather wasn't better.

Meanwhile Nathan, skinning, was nearing the top of the face.

North ridge

And this intrepid group of Jacob, George, and John was tackling a narrow gully that led to the steeper face.

The face
More views. That's McDonald Peak behind Oleg, who seems to be having some fun.
Once on top of the summit ridge, it is a few hundred yards to the top. But first, we had to do a little rock scrambling in crampons (well-- most were wearing crampons). Rocky ridge


We had lots of fun on the top, naming peaks, joking around, and discussing what to do next.

A few went for McDonald. Some butt-glissaded the face.


And Nathan did another lap (one of many...) on his skis: perfect turns in perfect corn.

My apologies for the camera angle... I realized that I need to to tip the camera to show the whole thing, but when I uploaded it I couldn't find the Rotate button.

A splinter group headed down the south ridge seeking a loop with a view. There is a big lake basin just over that bump in the ridge, and I wanted to look into there. Descending south
The ridge has a little bit of everything. But when it veered off and started looking like a much longer route, we dropped off to the north and returned to our uptrack. Descending south

Eventually we all made it back to the trailhead.

This was a great day, fantastic company, incredible views. Thanks, Dan. We can't wait for the next one!

With lots of climbers, there are lots of pictures and reports (in no particular order):

Trailhead sign