No Business Mountain


No skiing yet, so we head up a local: No Business Mountain.

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No Business Mountain was once known as Bally Mountain, according to the book, Points of Prominence. This peak sits on the west side of Long Valley, just north of Donnelly, Idaho. It is a tri-summitted peak that forms a north-south trending ridgeline, and part of central Idaho's West Mountains. There is an article on that discusses the West Mountains. The mountain has a lookout on it that is run by the Southern Idaho Timber Protective Association (SITPA).


Road view

The main road leads to an FAA tower before getting to the lookout. I rode a mountain bike up the road to the mountain in about 1981 or so. So I was looking forward to going back. Except that road is now posted No Trespassing. So we went around to the south and started hiking up a logging road.

Then we detoured off that to enjoy some buck brush and logging debris.


As we got higher, the brush thinned out to just some half-buried sage brush. That last 500' or so is pretty steep. If you squeeze your eyes shut a bit, you can see the lookout.

Nearing the top

The lookout is a lot like I remember: a fairly spectacular affair with what seems like it must be too much lightning protection. Or maybe not?


I don't remember THIS spectacular affair. In this case, a really gorgeous outhouse with extra detailing to the metal work and fully dove-tailed joinery. Click for a better view.

Then we hiked up onto the lookout catwalk for a summit shot. Summit

From the catwalk, we could just make out another hilltop, almost as high as this one. Maybe higher? We better go check.

Also note the FAA radio tower.

Second highpoint

From the northern end of the other highpoint (I think lower than the lookout) we could see Payette Lake in the distance. This lookout has great views, especially if you can get here on a day with a few less clouds than we were dealing with. We should have had an eyeful of Council Mountain, which sits just to the east-- but not today.

Looking north

There had been a breeze on top, and by this time we were starting to get chilled. So were the dogs. Time to head down.


Map Descent

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