Nick Peak


Even as a multi-sport day, it's a long way in to Nick Peak.

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I invited Michael to come up and visit. It didn't take a lot of persuading. But I did let him pick the adventure. He chose Nick Peak. I did Nick Peak back in 2005, so it was a good chance to see how much memory I've lost in my old age.

Only this time we rode our bikes in to Idler Creek.

Mountain bikes

After stashing our bikes (and locking them) in some brush, we were off and up Idler Creek. At about 6500', we left the trail and started up the hillside. Didn't look bad. In fact, there were long periods without brush.

Really long. They just kept going and going. I had forgotten.

Hiking out of Idler Creek
It took about an hour to get high enough to gain some views. It was a very pretty day, but it seemed someone had moved the saddle, South Fitsum Summit. View west

When we finally got to the saddle, it turned in to easy cruising. No trees. I had forgot.

Fitsum summit
There's Nick off in the distance. Nick in the distance

As we got closer, we noticed this big snowfield still remaining. Turns, anyone?

Nick up close

The ridge continues to narrow as you approach the summit.

Scrambling the ridge
Then you have to get around the shorter north summit to see the final head wall. Summit tower
The chimney is easy Class 4. Much easier and less scary when dry, I might point out.
Cold chimney

Here's Michael making the last move into the sunshine. Ahh, the warmth.

Final dirt move
Perfect summit. We could see smoke on all points of the horizon, but it was basically clear air here. Summit

Lots more peaks to check out.

When, after nine hours of steady travel, we finally got back to the truck, Michael commented that he never thought a 9k' peak would be so tough.

I snickered, but the next day my legs were sore, too.

View to the south
Map Map

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