Brundage Mountain


Michael gets inducted into the clan on Sargeant's.

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Michael and I have done tons of slowshoeing together, but on frequent occasions he had expressed an interest in learning about backcountry skiing. He already had alpine ski chops, so it was simply a matter of renting some gear, a quick discussion about avalanche beacons, and we were off for Brundage Mountain. But not the ski area-- instead, the highER point, which the locals call Sargeant's.

After skiing up the snomo road for less than a mile and a half, we turned off at a small spur road appropriately signed No Snowmobiles. That quickly led to this beautiful open glade.


Crossing the highway

And as we climbed, another open glade.

And another. Crossing the highway

And then we were on the mountain proper. On the background ridge, you can see the radio towers, which are near the top of the Brundage ski runs.

Crossing the highway
This is close to treeline. Well, the trees were thinning out, but they go all the way to the top. We had to skin out here in the building wind because the drifts amongst the trees were ginormous. And the trees were dropping bombs, or what Sean calls treevalances. Uptrack
Lots of ammo here for treevalanches.

We compared and contrasted slowshoes and skis. There are many pros and cons for each. We decided this part is probably a pro for skis.

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