2012 started out dry. As of January 7, Bogus still has not opened for the year.

For a graphic presentation of the year, see the 2012 Peak Pics Page.

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Jarbidge peaks January 6 Michael, Super Dave
Bridalveil Falls January 14 Ralph
Brundage Mountain (Sargeant's) January 29 Michael
Watson Peak February 3-4 SuperDave
Vienna Peak February 12 Big Dan
Sargent's March 3 Bird and the Fadgens
Rice Peak March 4-5 Bird
Peak 10027 March 10 Little Bob and Ralph
Mt. Marcy March 15 Ky and Big Tom
Jughandle March 24 Art
Timbered Dome April 7 Michael, Mariel
Grays Peak April 15 Michael
Castle Rock April 22 Michael
Peak 10027 May 12 Big Dan, George, John, Rodolfo, Steve, Eric, Jacob, Oleg, Andrew, Matt, Zach, Bob, Nathan, and Greg
Mountaineer May 17 Michael, Alex
Corruption May 18 Michael, Alex, SuperDave, Steve
Search and Rescue June 2-3 Dad, Valley County Search and Rescue, Sheriff's Department, McCall Fire Department, the Platts, Art, Luddite, Little Bob, and SuperDave
Long Lost Peaks:
Little Lost, Massacre, North Massacre, The Moat, USGS
June 21-23 SuperDave
Mount Cramer June 30 Tom, Mackenzie, and Michael
Chrysaor Peak July 15 Steve, Alex, and Mariel
Abel Peak July 22 John and Mariel
Celebration of Life:
Rainier and Thielsen
July 24-28 John, Dylan, Brian, Tom, and Mariel
South Loon Mountain August 25 Tom, Art, and Carol
Foolhen and Humdinger peaks September 2 me
Blacktip September 3 Art, Carol, and Carl
Summit Lake & Diamond Ridge September 9 Art
Memorial Bridge September 13 Jon
Mount Greylock, MA September 14 Big Tom
Nick Peak September 27 Michael
Cly Peak and Lakes September 30 Art & Carol
Loon Lake mtn bike ride October 6 Mariel and Katy
Lumberjack October 19 Julie, Dad, Art, and Ralph & Chris
Brundage Mountain October 27 Jeff
Snowslide Peak November 3 John and Tamara
Twentymile Lakes November 10 Art and Jim
Pollock Mountain November 11 John and Dylan, Art and Jeff
No Business Mountain November 18 Jeff
Brundage December 9 Jeff
Sargent's North December 29 Ralph
Cervidae December 31 John, Dylan, Dan, Steve, Tom, Diane, Chris, Zach

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