Couch Mountain


Turns in the Soliders.

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Mariel, my older daughter, had just returned home from a surfing vacation in Mexico and wanted to go skiing with her dad. We decided to meet half-way and ski something near Soldier Mountain ski area. I invited Lew, and then Steve and Bill also came. Lew was smart enough to realize that the snow on First Peak was going to be crap. And he suspected the snow on the north of Couch Mountain would be better. So we were off at a little after 9. 27 degrees.


We skied up Owens Creek, taking advantage of the groomed snomo track, and also using some shortcuts.

Then we left the road, finally getting some views of the Soldiers to our West. Skinning

We worked our way up through a variety of glades and forested areas, checking out the snow along the way. Lew knew there was a view to be had over the ridge. Even better, there was warm sunshine. Lunch time!

Camas Prairie

That's the summit of Couch Mountain right behind my ski. I was up there last summer. We didn't bother because the snow here was both wind-affected and sun-crusted. Yuk.

Upper mountain

After lunch we hopped back onto the shady side, noting that the temperature had been falling all day such that it was cold back here. But there were some good sugar/powder turns to be had amidst scatterings of light crust. Tricky and challenging, to be sure. But good fun.

After two laps we had pretty much cut it up, and it was time to head home. On the way out we had a long glide down the road back to the car, following the snomo groomer the entire way.

Great day! There is a ton of terrain up there, and it's pretty easy to access, so I will be back.

Note: the hills up there have all been cross-loaded by the wind. As we were packing up at the end of the day, we noted a large collapse just above the parking lot that had not been there in the morning.

Bill nears the road

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