Copper Mountain


A introduction to backcountry skiing wins some new fans.

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It looked like it was going to be bitter cold for our ski outing, and I think that might have affected the size of our group. But after yesterday's -9°, it seemed pretty warm.

When, just before 10am, the Suby crested Banner Creek, the car thermometer was showing +11°. The temps on the right were from the Banner Creek weather station, so the car was pretty close.

However, when John and I compared notes at the parking spot, both cars showed 6°. Well, cold is all relative, right?


We had planned for the cold, so that's why we didn't start until 10. Soon enough we were skinning our way up the ridge. Dylan was impressed.

As Little Bob says, we only make all those wonderful turns in powder for the opportunity to skin back up. Chris skinning

Spot o' tea, mate?

At the lunch tree, we stopped for the traditional short break and discussed our options. We could do a lap and try out the powder, or keep skinning.


JohnJohn Fadgen photo

And we were doing more skinning!

That's the top of the mountain up there in the fog. Should only be another 20 or 30 minutes now.

Upper mountain


Check out those cornices. Ralph and Chris played around on the top for a while (see Ralph's report, linked below). But Dylan and John were eager to do more skinning, so we had to head down.


This isn't really as much fun as skinning, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Dylan showed a certain... ummm.... mastery of the snow ;-)

And as Ralph said, "Dylan should be super-stoked to have a Dad that encourages and supports getting out and getting after it! " Good job, guys. And welcome to the club.

Ralph's trip report

John's trip report

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