Cervidae on New Year's Eve


We repeat a traditional climb of Cervidae on New Year's Eve, followed by open bar and live entertainment.

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This climb has become a New Year's tradition. Here's reports from previous years:

So following the pattern from last year, we were to depart at 6PM. As we approached the parking lot at 5:55, I predicted we would be the first there. Boy, was I wrong. And then a few more cars trickled in behind us.



We all wandered around greeting shadowy forms in the dark. Some "faces" were new, others expected acquaintances.


And a few old acquaintances who were surprises.
Final approach

Although it was clear and about 34°, after 20 minutes of standing around we were starting to get cold, so had to get moving before everyone was totally ready. So we got a slightly late start at 6:15.

Final approach
The front of the group went out like greyhounds. The stragglers soon caught some of them.
Final approach

This is what hikers look like in the dark.

After a bit, the moon came out so many of us turned off our headlamps. It really was a very pretty night.

Despite being pretty spread out, we were all on the summit at about 7:45.


Final approach
People talked, ... Final approach
congratulated one another on their year's achievements, ... Final approach
and generally made merry. Final approach

Then it was time to head down. More parties to attend!

Class 3

This is #3 in an ongoing series of unflattering pictures of John.

Class 3
One of those parties we were attending was at Sean's, where we even had live entertainment by one of the best-dressed bands ever. Capilene works great under stage lights!
Birthday tea

Rocking into 2012.

We all hope your New Year will be as good as the last one.



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