Black Tip Peak


The first fall outing of 2011.

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We were hoping SuperDave was coming to visit, so I invited a few folks and set plans. He didn't show up, but folks were ready to go.....

So we were off for Black Tip. I had done the peak with Art back in '06, although we had only done Black tip Peak, not the Tip itself. After a 45 minute drive, we were hiking up above Fisher Creek Saddle in intermittent sunshine.


The fall colors were out. Nice cool day, too, after a high in McCall yesterday of mid-80s.


As we continued up, the clouds moved in and the wind came up. But this made for really pleasant hiking weather. Here's our destination, through the trees.

The top
There are lots of craggy peaks around, but it's normal for them to have mellow aspects on the south. One exception is Slab Butte, which is really a long ridge but from this angle looks quite pointy. Slab Butte

These are the Bruins, which are very accessible from Fisher Creek Saddle.

The fireweed adds something, don't you think?


We paused in the saddle to hide from a light rain, and enjoyed our lunch while we waited for the weather to pass. From there it is an easy saunter to the top.

Near the summit of Black tip, there are lots of cliffs overlooking several different glaciated valleys.

Here Henry the Vunder Schnauzer checks out the precursor to the next glacier. This is right next to the summit. Henry on snow
Here's Dad about to tag the summit. He's 81. Whenever he's around I no longer get to complain about getting old.

We could not get organized enough to get all parties and goggies on the summit at the same time, so no summit photo.

So this is the view down to Upper Payette lake from the summit. There is an alternate route up this valley with a trail that peters out somewhere in the foreground meadow. Who wants to check it out? Show of hands!

Camas Prairie