Blackmare Peak


Art picks a great outing to a seldom-travelled peak.

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This was one of those days....

We were meeting at Art's house at 8 with hiking gear and mountain bikes. But before I got out of my driveway Bird called to tell me his rear derailleur had exploded. Can't fix it over the phone so I'll see you at Art's. Well, we didn't have the parts to repair it, so Bird moved to Art's bike and Art to his wife's bike. Note that without complicated measuring tools like a tape measure, we determined that Bird's legs are at least 6" longer than Art's. No problem... at least not this bright, sunny morning.

So we eventually get to the Kennally Creek trailhead where we spent a ridiculous amount of time getting ready. So finally at about quarter to ten, we saddle up and start pedaling toward the trail. And Art's saddle clamp bolt breaks (more correctly, his wife's bike's). So another period of fussing, and Art is heading up the trail with a synchilla top duct-taped to the head of the seatpost. I warn him that although I know First Aid, I do not do rectal repairs.

It is not yet 10am. At this rate, we can expect to have at least sixteen major calamities today.

So after a few miles of bumpy trail and hike-a-bike, we finally get to the point on the map that seems to indicate a bike would be silly. We stash and walk the next 1/2 mile or so to Blackmare summit. Oh- and due to the generally disorganized start, I managed to leave my walking shoes in the car so had to hike in my cycling shoes. But anyway, the views are outstanding. And there's our peak!


Here it is a little more centered in the photo. If my pictures seem even crappier than normal, it's because I forgot my camera and had to rely on my cell phone.


From the saddle you drop down to a gorgeous little meadow, then seek out the trail shown on the map. You do have a map, don't you? WE had two (surprise!) and were able to find the thin trace of a trail that takes you up to the unlikely-looking lookout spot on a surprisingly mellow trail.

From just below the summit, we paused on this ridge (that had been blocking our northerly views) to stare in amazement. So much country back here! Skinning
As in Julie's book about the lookouts on the Payette forest, the lookout was in surprisingly good shape, except it had been forgotten in a state of pre-immolation. It's sad that the FS has to burn these relics. And equally so that they had forgotten to complete the task here, instead leaving a mess that otherwise would have been cool to investigate. Camas Prairie

And here's the gang on the summit, posing before the lookout. That's Bird, Art, Jeff, and I. Bird was first introduced here back in 2008. Art is a frequent character. And Jeff is Art's neighbor.

Bird was told it was a bike ride, so he wore one of the many US National Team jerseys he earned/owns. Art is in his prized $1 Patagonia shirt. Jeff looks sorta normal so is wondering what he is doing out with this bunch of old goofballs. And I am having a bad hair day that looks like I'm in a hurricane.

Camas Prairie
The return hike and ride went surprisingly well, other than being blinded by poofer dust. But when Jeff and I got to Art's, it was only to receive a distress signal. Art had run out of gas on the way home. So here he is putting our delivered emergency ration into his tank. And yes, for those who are looking closely-- that IS the Lake Fork gas station in the background. Camas Prairie

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