2011 started out cold. But as of January 2, we're averaging a trip a day!
Later in the year, I spent a huge amount of time remodeling our cabin. A long summer turned into an even longer fall/early winter with almost no snow and Bogus still not open on New Year's Eve.

For a graphic presentation of the year, see the 2011 Peak Pics Page.

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Fiddler Benchmark & Hutton Peak January 1 Dave, Erik, and Matt
Copper Mountain ski January 2 Ralph, Chris, John, and Dylan
Couch Mountain January 8 Mariel, Steve, Lew, and Bill
First Peak January 22 Ralph
Little Alps, OR
Lees, Angell, and Gunsight peaks
January 23 Michael
Mount Morrison February 6 Sean
Porter Peak, NV February 13 Sean, Michael
Spring Mtn and Spring Mtn North March 12 Super Dave
Black Pine Peak March 20 Michael
Copper Mountaiin March 26 Dylan and John
North Schell Peak, NV April 1 Matt
Peak 8300 April 3 Big Dan
Petros Peak April 11 Super Dave, Sean
Peak 9367 May 4 Sean, Super Dave
Quandary, Democrat, Cameron, and Bross
May 27-28 Mariel
Petros Peak June 21 Big Dan, John, and Dylan
Celebration of Life:
Shuksan and Rainier
July 31- Aug 6 Brian, Tom
Snowslide Lake August 13 Julie
Bogus Basin Hillclimb August 20 Mariel, Art, Ralph
JT Peak August 26-28 Tom
Blackmare Peak September 4 Art, Bird, Jeff
Slick Rock September 10 John, Dylan, Tom
Goose Creek Falls September 16 Brian, Dad
N. Mustang and Brocky
September 17-18 Ralph, Chris, Tom, Bob, Brian
Black Tip Peak September 25 Bird, Sherrie, Dad
Mt. Katahdin, ME October 1 Tommy, Nick
McIntyre Peak October 23 Mariel
Danskin Peak November 6 Delta Operator
Gunsight Peak November 10 Michael
House Mountain November 20 John, Michael
Bull Mountain, UT December 4 Dan, John, Dylan, Margo, Steve
Stack Rock December 17 Gordy
Saddle Mountain December 18 Sean and Michael
Argosy, Pion, and Err December 23 Sean and Michael
Cervidae December 31 Daniel, Sean, John, Steve, Margo, Steve, Zach, John, Dylan, Conner, Bob, Dave, Rob, Oleg, Peter, Gordy, and ummm... a couple others totaling 20

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