Pilot Peak



The April Fool's storm was no joke.

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It's hard to believe that Lew was having a hard time finding partners. I gave his offer exactly three seconds of thought and replied emphatically, "I'm in."

So the two of us pulled into an empty and unplowed parking lot, bashing our way into the bumper-deep snow at a little after 8:30. We then broke trail all the way to the top, Lew doing most of the work (Hey- this is working out pretty well!).

On our second lap, we ran into these fellers, a group of five. That is the total skiers we saw through the entire day until after we got back to the car.

Uptrack on Pilot Peak

But back to the good stuff. Here's Lew, and lots and lots of his favorite stuff in which to ski.

Lew in deep

If you threw a little bounce into your turns, your skis would actually come out of it briefly.

Lew turning

And then when you sank back in, the resulting clouds of powder would surround you, puff into your face, and mask the sound of you laughing your head off.

Lew blasting between the trees

At times it snowed so hard that on our return our tracks were actually filling back up. But then not so much. And surprisingly little wind

But at other times, there was blue sky and sunshine. Lew in sunshine
We dug a pit and measured about 16" of fresh. Yes, 16 actual inches. How else to you explain the snow blasting Lew mid-chest. Midchest on Lew

It was getting me, too. But I'm not complaining....

Midchest on John

Lew Peterson photo

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