McCall Fall Weekend 2010


One glorious day of climbing in the McCall area, then house painting.

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Art's wife was in Alaska, so he needed adult supervision (he says I really don't qualify). Bird was "working" on his house. So we got together for the kind of fall outing in the McCall hills that makes me love this place.

We met at the coffee place and moved Bird and his pup into the Suby, and were on our feet a little after 9am. It didn't take this group long to reach Boulder Lake, with Buckhorn Mountain in the background, right behind "Fake Buckhorn" or "Emergency Backup Buckhorn."

The day was a bit muggy, with fog in the lowlands. This is looking back on Boulder Lake from farther up the trail. Ridge

As we headed south under the cliffy face of Fake Buckhorn, we finally spotted a clear route to the saddle between Buckhorn and Fake Buckhorn. This is the north face of Buckhorn from that saddle.


We hit the summit of Buckhorn at 11:30. It was calm and quiet, so we hung out for 45 minutes. We ate. The pooches ate. We took lots of pictures.

Then it was time to head down the ridge and up Rapid Peak, the dark point to the right of the middle foreground. The bigger version has an arrow showing which point I'm talking about.

Interestingly, the map shows a higher point on the ridge than the marked and labeled Rapid Peak . But I'm certainly not gonna argue with the USGS.


You don't have to be too sharp to see there's a reason why this is the named peak.


The hillside up to Rapid is steep. Really steep, considering you can go almost all the way on grass (which was wet). That's Summit Lake in the background.

Murdock Peak

We hit the summit of Rapid at about 1:10. From there, we could see Rapid Lake and our next-- and third -- goal for the day, Twin Peaks, locally know as "Dolly Parton." Seriously.

When we got back to Boulder Lake, we ran into two hikers heading towards Rapid Lake. Looking a little under prepared, they asked how far to "the lake." Just guessing they were lost, I asked "Which lake?"

We explained that if they turned around, as in doing a 180, and followed us, they would eventually get to Louie Lake ;-)

Malorey Peak

They passed us as we took a break, then Team Geritol caught and passed them before leaving the trail and heading up the ridge to the higher of the two Twins. We hit the summit of the higher twin at 3:30.

Then we dropped down between the two twins, and headed up the second , err, twin.

More ridge
Team Geritol atop the second Twin at 3:50. Ridge

After a not-too-brief discussion, we decided to head directly down the 1700' ridge toward Boulder Reservoir. For the most part, that was only mildly-regrettable bushwhacking (probably not heinous enough to interest Super Dave). But before we dropped off the ridge, we found this great photo spot with Boulder Mountain in the background. Art is the proud father.

Rock Roll Peak

Looking the other direction, Bird gets his turn.

We got back to the car at 4:30. After a short drive followed by showers and caffeine, we headed to Dad and Shelly's for dinner. Bird brought his own frozen veggies.

The next day I helped Dad by painting the stuff at the top of a 24' ladder. Very exposed 4th Class.


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