Freeman Peak


Tasty tele and AT turns in the sunshine on Freeman Peak.

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NOAA showed a calm between the storms for Sunday. Ralph was all over it, so we ended up with six of us at the turn out at 8:30. Soon to be joined by a fast and energetic group of stangers who took over the trailbreaking.

Here Dave and Tom wait in the cold (about 20°) for Ralph's group. We couldn't wait long without adding clothes, so we did frequent little breaks until Ralph appeared.

That's Sunset Peak lookout in the background.

Early morning

Then it was more up. In the bigger version, you can see two people.

The black areas in the corners are the aperture: my camera was being uncooperative.

Up track

Pretty soon we were in the sunshine and moving toward the top of a 2000' gain from the car in about 1:15.

More uptrack

And then reaping the beneifts of our hard work.

Not sure who the skier is: I think it's Ralph?



Repeat as necessary.

Up again

By 11 we had climbed some hills, done some turns, climbed some more hills, and here's where we ate lunch.

Then some clouds started to move through. I quit taking pictures in the flat light. The skiing was good, just not the photography.


But the clouds blew through and we finished the day in sunshine. Here's Tom doing some teles.

And when I say we finished, I really mean I was finished. I was so cooked that the last run became difficult as my screaming thighs proclaimed, "Enough!" Still fun, but somewhat painful.


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