Cervidae Peak


A climb of Cervidae on new year's eve seems to be a new tradition.

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We did this last year in a raging snowstorm. Only three people showed up, but it was still fun.

So this year it was bitter cold, but we got seven people. Again, lots of seasonal cheer and brotherly love. But it was hard to hear conversations with all those hats, hoods, and face masks.

We left just a few minutes after 6pm. I was cold, so apparently the pace was a little fast. But I warmed up and we slowed down to a more genteel pace.

After the first couple hundred feet, we donned out snowshoes.

Parking lot

People were pretty bundled up. Here's Dylan in his ninja suit.

Sean is explaining to Jacob that he made his fortune as a hand model. Hands

And of course, the summit shot.



2010 was a great year. Some of the Idaho gang have assembled photo-montages of their year in outings:






So here's to a great 2011!


Old Glory

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