Warm Springs Point


A snowshoe trip close to town, Warm Springs Point give great views of Bogus.

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The recent avy conditions had us running scared, so we looked on IdahoSummits.com and found something close to home.

We met at 8am sharp and were quickly headed for our objective on Highway 21. After a few minutes prowling up and down the highway looking for a suitable pull-off, we hopped out, suited up, and were on our way.

Dave's car said 5°F, and it wasn't until we had climbed for half an hour that we finally got into the sun.


It warmed up considerably, but as we got up into the open ridges, there was a slight breeze that was very chilly. We tried to find routes that kept us in the sun.

Upper valley

We found a pretty direct ridge that took us straight to the summit without any traversing. TOPO says it's 2.75 miles, so I'd guess a little over 3?

That's Bogus on the left and Mores Mountain on the right behind Dave and John.

Looking back at Pioneer cabin

Summit shot.

John had forgotten his bubble level, so we had to use dead reckoning to find the high point.

Route through the boulders

That's Thorn Creek Butte behind George, and John.

Handwwerk Peak

Mt. Heinen.

Upper basin

We found a sunny spot that was out of the wind and had a nice picnic. Then it was time to head down.

Initially, we all had cold hands. The wind was blowing and the temp was in the low teens.

Then it got warmer as we got lower, so we relaxed. Here Super Dave shows off his glissading talent. Impressive, eh? (nod in sympathy)

False summit

This is the view down Highway 21 toward Boise. Those in the know will spot Mt. Heinen and Cervidae Peak.

False summit

The snow was great for snowshoeing with a firm, durable crust. However, it appeared that it had rained here a few days ago.

Look close at further glissade attempts, which were no more fruitful--nor graceful--than before.

Super Dave's trip report

False summit

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