Squaw Butte


A hike near Emmett.

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After a leisurely breakfast at the Trolley with Art, we loaded into the Death Star and cruised through the inversion muck to Emmett. The day was apparently too relaxed, because I forgot my camera. From Black Canyon Dam, it's a short drive on the dirt to the pass above Spring Creek. We crawled over the fence and headed up.

The hike starts uphill immediately on a surface of frozen mud impressed with cow tracks, making for some lumpy walking. With the limited visibility, I half-joked that we should be taking compass bearings. As we got higher the fog thinned and it warmed up. Then we got into the rocky section, with gargoyles and other towers of rocky funk, and rock on the ground. As we got into the sunshine, the muddy ground thawed and became quite slippery.

We made it to the ridgetop without walking on significant snow, then snowshoed over to the lookout. It was pretty warm when out of the slight breeze.

On the way down, we had a hard time following the ridge in the rising fog. We laughed at the spectre of reading about our imminent search and rescue in the Statesman. It took a few adjustments before we finally got low enough to see the car, and to find that we were still slightly further south than we had intended.

I went back in December and climbed it again, this time with pictures.

Squaw Butte

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