South Hills

A day dodging thunderstorms in the South Hills below Twin Falls turns into a great hike

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With a prediction of 80% probability of heavy rain and an actual measurement of 0.8 inches of precip in the previous 24 hours on the Hyndman gauge, we decided to abandon any plan for the Boulders and do something lower.

Dan found an awesome route in the South Hills of Twin Falls. I met him at Elevation Sports at 7:30am, and we were off. We parked on a high ridge about an hour later, after driving past Magic Mountain ski area.

To stay as dry as possible, we opted to do the road portion of the loop first. This brought us to the Monument Peak benchmark as our first summit of the day. The old survey tower was in pieces, but we did find the benchmark. At this point, it was still pretty cloudy/foggy, so not a lot of pictures. We were just happy to be able to see our route on the adjacent ridge lines. Heinen
From the benchmark, we hiked a half-mile north to the summit marked on the map (actually 10 feet lower). Kepros
I'm not sure why, but someone had wrapped the crossbar of the cross in plastic. Lucky Peak reservoir

Then we spent some time trying to figure out which ridges and peaks were which.

When we finally got it figured out, we walked off Monument, climbed over a ridge, dropped down into a drainage, then climbed Flatiron Mountain.

From the summit of Flatiron (the perspective of the photo) it was obvious where Trapper Peak lay. It was a fun wal down the ridge to approach our next objective.

Lucky Peak reservoir
Looking back the other way from Trapper, that's Flatiron in the background, with Big Dan climbing the toward the top of Trapper (low, on the right... click for a bigger version). Lucky Peak reservoir

When we got to the top of Trapper, it started to spit. We put on some rain gear for the first time (but not last) and headed down. With the multitude of ATV trails, we lost our bearings just long enough to get into the wrong drainage and add some quality bushwhacking.

We weren't lost, mind you. We just didn't know where we were.

Eventually we found our road, albeit at a slightly different place than we had planned. When we got back to the car, this was our view of Trapper Peak.

Lucky Peak reservoir
Also when we got back to the car, it was around 2pm, with the predicted thunderstorms grumbling about the horizon in a menacing way. Time to head home. Lucky Peak reservoir
The road to Magic Mountain has scenery that is vaguely similar to the drive to Jarbidge. Lucky Peak reservoir

As we neared Twin Falls, the thunderstorms were in full swing.

All and all, we had a great hike, saw new terrain, and will definitely be back.

Big Dan's trip report on

Lucky Peak reservoir

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