Shaw Mtn (Lucky Peak): more Denali training


We lug 120# of kitty litter up Shaw Mountain

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It was Saturday and we need to keep training for May, so Tom chose Shaw Mountain. We were going to hike the Homestead Trail, but it's closed for game protection until April 1st. Fortunately, the Highland Valley road access is not closed. We met at 8:20 and were on the trail in about 5 minutes.

Hiking the road
After about an hour and a half, Susan turned around to face the family task list. Tom & Laurie, Tom, and I continued on. Tom and I were carrying a lifetime supply of kitty litter again, and I think you can see the strain on his face (juxtposed against Tom & Laurie sauntering casually way up ahead of us). Snow by the road

As we got up high, there was snow on the road and in the nearby brush. Hiking soft snow with a full load is especially challenging.

Tom & Laurie are starting up the last pitch here, but you probably need to click to see the bigger picture to find them. Sort of a "Where's Waldo" deal?

Top of Shaw Mountain

On the summit, there was a slight breeze, just enough to cool us down. Otis did his usual superlative job of begging for scraps... or the whole thing in a pinch.

Then we saddled up and headed down. With a bit of snow in my shoes wetting my socks (where were my gaiters?) and the relentless downhill pace, I was pretty footsore by the time I got back to the car.

But it was a great training day; we had walked pretty steadily for 4 1/2 hours. The weather cooperated, with just a few sprinkles and 55° at the car on our return.


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