Peak 10941


This unnamed peak is a beautiful ridge walk in the Boulders.

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After our long and rainy day yesterday on Garden Peak, we drove home and checked the weather. It looked like it was improving, so Brian and I drove to my secret crash pad in Hailey. This allowed us to sleep in, which was very welcome. Then we hit Hailey Coffee for coffee and breakfast burritos (put in the packs for later).

With the short approach drive to Spring Creek, we were on our snowshoes at 8am sharp. It was about 25°, no wind. However, we could see substantial snow plumes coming off all the high ridges.


I had seen similar spring wind in the Boulders before, so we just forgot about those plumes and got to work. It wasn't long before we were above timberline, and there was hardly a breeze.

It was just below this point that Brian spotted an all-white bunny. Happy Easter!


This ridge is fairly continuous, but due to the rolling nature (steeper early on, less so as you get higher), from down low you can't see much of the route. So when we finally got up high enough to see what the nature of the ridge was going to be like (exposure, technicality, cornices, etc.), we were thrilled!

But we still couldn't see what the final ridge looked like.


As we neared the one true false summit, we got our view of the top. As we had hoped, the ridge allowed us a safe path the entire way.

We stayed on our snowshoes right to the summit. Occasionally we had to step on rocks, but for the most part the angle of the ridge and the consistency of the snow made for a great climb. Approaching

Here Brian peers over the abyss... it's about an 800' drop.

The summit rocks were bare, giving us a dry place to sit while we ate our breakfast burritos. We stared and basked in the sun for quite a while. It was so calm, you could have struck a match.

On the descent, we debated doing a long butt-glissade into Spring Creek. But we had been forewarned of dangerous instability in the backcountry, so we ended up following our tracks back. No problem- the views from the ridge were outstanding.


As we got near the car, it was warming fast and the snow was getting slurpy.

We had hit the window just right- not so early as to be in extreme winds, but not so late that the snow turned completely to soup.


This is our peak, the pointy little thing in the middle, with Cerro Ciento (2007, 2007 w/Easley Peak) to the right, and out of frame to the left, Galena Peak (2004, 2008). I had taken this picture from Galena Summit the previous weekend, so it does a good job of showing the snow conditions we had for our climb.

The left side of the summit is a huge drop that can only be viewed from the highway at a couple spots. But it was that steep profile that originally attracted me to this fun peak.


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