Jacqueline Peak


In really odd August weather, we climb Jacqueline and then get hailed on.

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It doesn't happen very often, but this weekend I got my whole family together. Mariel had wanted to climb Jacqueline Peak for some time, so we were off... but as a two-day outing to keep it casual. So we started hiking with full packs, trying to follow the overgrown trail. That's our objective off in the distance.

We had a great dinner; Julie made me carry about 20 pounds of potato salad. Then we sang songs around the campfire...NOT. Brush

The next morning we got going at a leisurely 10am. Jasmine stayed in camp, sleeping. Here the rest of us are approaching the saddle just south of Jacqueline, joining the route from Big Basin.

After the lower saddle, you have several choices to get up/around/through a broken cliff band to access the upper saddle. We went fairly straight up, but had to be careful of all the loose crap.


From the upper saddle, the rock is much better (although still plenty loose in places). Mariel and Eric were ahead of Julie and I- click for a bigger version where you can find them.

Upper mountain

There was intermittent cloud and shade, and it was somewhat cool, especially for August. But the light patterns racing across Big Basin were beautiful.

Big basin

On the summit, we started putting on clothing while we watched the weather. It spat on us a bit, sort of a graupel rather than hail. We hung out for a while, eating some lunch, taking pictures, and marveling at the ancient summit register.


Then it was time to downclimb all that rock....


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