Mt. Heinen

The Tom Tom Club does Mt. Heinen for local training

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As we get closer to our Denali trip, we seem to have less time to train. On Friday we spent 4.5 hours packing food. Then as our departure looms (less than three weeks!) we each have different family obligations, spring chores, etc. So instead of enjoying a fabulous weekend in the Lost Rivers or some other wonderful springtime destination of significance, we settled for a hard and fast grind up Mt. Heinen.

It was a beautiful day. Even with this 2000' headwall staring us in the face.

Main grind
We haven't had much warm weather this spring, so even the mild 70° we had on the climb made it seem harder. We also were working on our skin cancer in short sleeves and shorts. Looking back
After doing most of the 10,000 false summits, TomP finally got to see our destination, the left-most bump at the end of the ridge. As you can see, we ran into some snow. Snow
Looking back on our route shows more snow yet. It was firmer on the way out than on our return, but the post-holing wasn't too horrible. Looing back at our route

We had a long, leisurely lunch on the summit, then raced back to the car. For the descent, I put the camera away. Yes, there was jogging involved.

Lucky Peak reservoir

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